About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer sustainability while our craftmanship provides uniqueness in our experimental innovation.

What Does CERES MONAE stands for?

Ceres Monae vision is rooted in the belief that the earth is a sacred entity deserving of our protection and reverence. Our very namesake brand, Ceres Monae embodies the essence of this mission. Just as the goddess Ceres was once, as a symbol of agriculture and fertility, so do we strive to cultivate a sustainable future for generations to come. Our commitment to this vision is evident in everything we do. through the unparallel artistry of our craftmanship, we seek to push boundaries of what's possible, merging innovation with create products and experiences that are truly unique. 

How will CERES MONAE decrease carbon emission?

Ceres Monae will decrease carbon emission by creating longevity through the craftmanship of the products. Also, providing reusable and compostable packaging. The materials we would use range from deadstock to natural materials.