7 ways to repurpose your candle jars.

7 ways to repurpose your candle jars.

Repurpose Candle jars can be a great way to declutter your space and to get your miscellaneous items organized.

Here is 7 ways you can repurpose your candle jars. But first, boil hot water and pour into left over wax, then remove wax out of the jar.

  • Use it as a storage for make-up brushes.

  • Turn it into a tea and coffee bar.

  • Place office supplies or cotton swabs.

  • Use it as a plant pot for succulents.

  • Place straws and forks for the kitchen.

Reuse candle tins for travel

As we all know how the TSA can be about certain things in our carry-on bag, but you can use your tins in your check in bags or road trips.

  • You can place your jewelry like rings or necklaces.

  • If you don’t want to take your big bottle of lotion, you can downsize by putting your lotion in your tin.

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